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Thomson Precision Balls, part of Danaher Corporation, has been for over 60 years a leader in supplying standard precision balls as well as developing unique balls for specific applications.  Thomson Precision Balls offers many types of precision balls in a range of materials, but we specialize in stainless steels balls and chrome steel balls.

Chrome steel balls

Chrome steel balls are used in many industrial applications, where their properties of high load capacity and fine surface finish are required. Thomson Precision Balls offers chrome steel balls in sizes ranging from 1/16” to 3” as well as metric sizes. We provide chrome steel balls in various grades, the highest being grade 10 and lowest burnishing media.

Chrome steel balls are used in a wide array of applications from aerospace to automotive. The applications of chrome steel balls most people are familiar with are ball bearings, both radial and linear.  Other applications of chrome steel balls include any type of equipment that moves linearly, from hospital beds and the flaps on the wings of airplanes. Don’t forget your ball point pen; each one has a chrome steel ball in it.  Some of the products you wouldn’t necessarily associate with chrome steel balls would be a cigarette lighter.  Most lighters contain chrome steel balls.

Stainless steel balls

Stainless steel balls have similar mechanical properties as chrome steel balls with the advantage of being resistant to corrosive environments. There are several types of stainless steel balls, ranging from the 440C type which offers the greatest hardness and surface finish to the 302 which has extreme toughness and corrosion resistance.

The automotive industry is a large consumer of stainless steel balls, using them in CV joints and seat belt locking devices for instance.  Anti lock brakes have stainless steel balls as valves as well as plug balls to fill holes in the castings.  Power steering has a column of stainless steel balls to help you turn your car with ease.  A new design of steering by wire will also use stainless steel balls in a bearing type application.  Stainless steel balls can also be found in the transmission.

The pump spray industry is another large consumer of stainless steel balls used in the hand sprayer.  Most household pump sprayers have a ball in them.  Stainless steel balls are also used in a check valve for agriculture back pack sprayers. 

A well known battery manufacturer uses stainless steel balls as a safety release so the battery won’t explode on overheating.


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